Half Term!

Well we're at half term and it's been a bit frantic since September! Thankfully we've got some time off now and a chance to relax and rest a bit.

This weekend we've been away with our brand new cluster Roots. We went to Knutsford in Cheshire and stayed at the huge house belonging to our friend Phil's parents. It was brilliant and we had nearly 20 of us come and go throughout the weekend. It was pretty chilled out. Saturday we went to this random garden centre/antique centre/spa showroom/outdoor cafe/junk shop and to Tatton Park for a nice walk, which also turned out to be Callum's first go on a merry-go-round which he seemed to enjoy. In the evening we did a murder mystery game which we all dressed up for and was really good, even if I did get a little confused! This morning was more chilling out and we shared communion - I was on creche duty for Callum and Sophie. Big thanks to Becky and Phil for organising us all so well!

We're off to Bristol tomorrow to visit friends there, back on Thursday, then hopefully a quiet weekend before the beginning of the next half term!

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Gareth and Lizzy said...

Looks fun! Lots of love to you allxx