Well as usual it's been a pretty long time since I posted. I have so many photos I'd like to show you of what we've been up to (mostly of Callum!) but we'd be here for ever so I'll just show you a few. If you wanna see more you can always go to our flickr account.

So the most exciting thing which has happened was Callum's first birthday! His actual birthday (1st Oct) was a Monday so Ben was at school, but we got up a little bit earlier and opened some presents in bed with Mummy and Daddy. Little boy
wide-eyed at the pretty coloured parcels!

Then Daddy went to work whilst me and Callum had breakfast and a short nap before going off to Playtime where he was given a card and cake and some bubbles and everyone sang happy birthday to him. Then off to meet Aunty Emma for lunch yum yum! When Daddy got home later we went for a birthday swing at the park and then home for tea and more presents!

We had a party for him the following Saturday and we went to Heeley City Farm which was brilliant, followed by tea and cake back at ours. I impressed myself with the cake I made - take a look!

Callum has also started going to a childminder 2 days a week this month, and seems to love it. Becky is a really good friend of mine, and is one of Callum's godmums so it all works out rather well. I spend those 2 days working with form, our year out programme at church, which is proving to be a lot of fun too.

Last weekend we were in Peterborough for the wedding of some good friends who have now left Sheffield to live in Cornwall - a perfect place for holidays!
Congratulations Tom & Ellie!

All this updating has tired me out now (plus the new series of Spooks has just started on TV) so I'm gonna go now. Will try and remember if there are other things to tell you about another day! Here's our latest family pic from the weekend - aww!

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Emma Andrews said...

New series of spooks! We have only just finished (last week!) the last one! NZ tv is so behind! Can't complain as a least they show the good UK series here even if it is a little delayed! Hope you guys are well! Love catching up with your news! Callum is gorgeous! Lots of love Ems.x