We've just had a great week. It's been Visitors Week at church meaning that lots of people from all over the world come to visit to see what we do and we've had a guy staying with us from Kent, who was great to have around. It's always a good time to re-evaluate what we do because invariably people ask lots of questions about what we're involved in and that gives us an opportuntity to make sure that we're actually doing what we believe in, and also that what we believe in makes sense and has integrity.

It's also nice when your visitors leave nice chocolates as a thank you ;)

Ben and I also got a night out this week so we went to Cafe Rouge for desserts. They've changed their menu since I was last there and they now do this AMAZING dessert which is basically three different mini desserts - one little creme brulee, one little fruit berry crumble with creme anglais and one little slice of the most gorgeous chocolate ganache - yum yum yum. Would have taken a picture to show you cos it looked amazing but didn't have the camera sorry.

This weekend we've got cluster brunch tomorrow and then Ben's parents and brother are coming up in the morning to visit Callum (well I expect they want to see us too but we all know who the main attraction is!)

The other thing we've been trying to do this week is to teach Callum to walk. He's been really great at walking holding onto stuff for a while now, but I decided it was time he learnt to stand on his own two feet as it were. So most evenings B & I have been sitting a little bit apart from each other and then encouraging Callum to walk to the other. Depending on the time of day (and how giggly he is) determines how many steps he takes. The record I think is 5, but most of the time it kinda goes 1, 2, then either lean forward and fall towards you, or his legs crumple and he crawls the rest of the way! We'll get there no doubt, but we might have to put in another practice session for granny tonight. I'm gonna go buy him some more shoes later too so he can walk ouside more. He especially loves walking outside and kicking leaves with daddy so new shoes will keep his feet a bit drier too!

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