funny politics

I was sent an email the other day asking me to sign a petition against something on the Downing Street website so I went on and had a look. Now I signed the petition, kind of agreeing with the subject but not really with the wording of it and now I wished I hadn't, mainly because the basic facts that I was being asked to express my disapproval of weren't true. I naively assumed that being on the Downing Street website meant that at the very least the facts were correct!!! Apparently not. Turns out that anybody can create a petiton on there! Fancy that.

Now I do think it's a great idea, but whilst I was perusing the other petitions requesting my support I came across some rather amusing ones which I thought you might enjoy too. They all start...

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to…

* Declare the possession of a car to be illegal by 2015 Erm, why?

* Setup the Motorway information systems so it actually provides real information! Hear hear!

* send more helicopters to save trapped people in sheffield Yes I'm still waiting for mine.

* make cheese free for students who wish to make toasties My personal favourite.

* have a public inquiry into the behaviour of liverpool supportors Yes well.

...and some of those which were rejected for various reasons (yes all of the above were taken seriously!)...

* To remove the smell that comes from vile park Birmingham yes we can smell it from here!

* Ban saggy trousers This is a warning Ben, next time it might make it through.

* stop Chris Eubank from burning unreasonable amounts of diesel in his truck and banish him from Brighton & Hove I think you're just being unreasonable now.

* lobby Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber to free Lee Mead's curls Quite.

So there you go. The most important issues facing British politics today.


Katherine said...

Hee hee, isn't there some rule that the government have to take them all seriously? When I signed one (not a silly one, well not IMHO) I got a reply telling me why they were not doing what the petition was asking. Surely they'd have to do that for these?

Helen said...

Yeah, if you go into the details of each one which was rejected they give reasons, most of which say either words to the effect of 'this isn't under our control' or 'the contents of the petition were meant to be humurous'. Still not sure why they thought free cheese for students was a serious request!

Emma said...

I really wanted to sign the Chris Eubank petition :(

Sarah said...

But wait! As a student who can't eat bread, would I still get the free cheese for my Toastie allowance to use elsewhere?! And would it be subject to many of the "not for mature students" rules that things like bus passes are?!

...wait. I might be taking this too seriously! But it's cheese, it has to be taken seriously!