wot we have been doing

well, it's been a busy week or two, with lots of ups and downs...let me tell you all about it!

Last Monday (half term) we spoke to the guys in Seattle and found out that our move there is definitely off for this year :( So it's back to the drawing board so to speak about what we do next. We're using Lent to reflect a bit before making any major decisions, so there's no rush there.

Tuesday we visited the Millenium Galleries' latest exhibition, Abstraction. I liked this one - the lights swung to and fro.

Then we paid a visit to my parents in Surrey which was fab. We got a good mix of time together and time with them. Here are some pics....

my parents

having fun on the kitchen floor...we discovered callum could turn a full 180 on his tummy - he'll be crawling before we know it!

Doing origami with Mummy, courtesy of The Guardian, and the finished origami zoo!

'Playing' with Oscar, one of my parents cats...he was very patient!

C on Ben's shoulders which he loves!

This Tuesday was Ben's birthday. We went for lunch in Thyme cafe which was deeelicious, and Callum stayed asleep the whole time which was even better. We had a pancake party in the evening to celebrate! Here is a picture of Ben and Tom pancaking.

Tuesday was also an eventful day for other reasons. Dylan (our cat) came home in the morning having been hit by a car :( But Ben took him to the vet and thankfully he wasn't injured too badly, no broken bones, just needed a couple of stitches. He's on the mend now.

Our new highchair which also arrived on Tuesday.

So that's a quick update of all our adventures. Ben's parents are visiting for the day tomorrow so another dose of grandparents!


Katherine said...

You got further than I did with the Guardian origami (well, I got bored with it), Callum's looking great, what a happy baby (because I'm sure he's like that 24 hours a day!).

Helen said...

of course he is!! ;)