five new things

four new things that callum has started doing this week:
1. grabbing his feet
2. sucking his bottom lip
3. sitting up when he's leaning over to grab his feet (i.e. his centre of balance is pretty low so he can just about sit up without toppling over!)
4. blowing raspberries

and one new thing i have bought today on ebay
1. mobile phone

i like new things :)


Ellie Hughes said...

Hi Helen, Ben and GORGEOUS Callum! I have very happily come across your blog through a little trail of other blogs and was overjoyed to see your lovely pic with your little boy...so lovely to see you being a happy family of 3, and lovely to have a little peep into your world right now, 5+years on! Feel free to peruse my brood - thehughesz.blogspot.com
God bless you all
Ellie xxxxx

miriam said...

hellllllooo helen.
go to me blog.i dont know how to make links in the commentbox.but you have been tagd by me.yesyesyes.gotoblog and you will see.lovemuvhlove x