what a way to start a friday...

being woken up at 3am because someone has got their leg stuck through the bars of his cot, then again at 7.15am cos he's hungry. After feeding dealing with the biggest smelliest poo incident to date (massive leakage, all up his back, leaking right through 3 layers of clothes onto the sheet), during which we had not one but two wees, typically just after I'd cleaned up and ready to put nappy on - not a good day for efficient use of baby wipes :)

We decided that the best way to continue was to go back to bed, both of us! So we've had a lie-in which has meant the rest of the day so far has gone fine. And Callum is now enjoying his newly borrowed door bouncer. He seems to love just hanging around, swinging and kind of bouncing, all the while gurgling lots! Whoever invented these was a genius!

Hopefully the rest of the day will be a lot less messy.

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