Tim and Jo's wedding

So the big day arrived a week last Saturday and Mr Spikey Tim Blundell Jones got married!!! It was a great day, nearly covered in beautiful snow (if the rain hadn't washed it all away :(), and lovely Jo looked amazing in her dress - which she made herself I hasten to add. They really tried to make everything as fair trade and as ethically sourced as possible which I really admire and the whole day was totally them which was great. So many people there from the olden days or elsewhere who we haven't seen for ages so that was great, especially to see Miriam, KT, Helen & Peterson and Steve and Hannah.

So, some photos! I hardly got any good ones because I had to hold Callum and take pictures at the same time so most of them came out really wobbly. And Ben and Stu were brilliant best men...video of their speech to come - got to sort it out first cos it's too long for youtube! Emma took some better pics I think so I'll get those up once she's emailed them to me.

Mr and Mrs Blundell Jones!

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