seattle highlights

We haven't really said much about our trip to Seattle at the beginning of the month so here are a few piccies.

The house we were staying in, Ben and Callum and some big trees, some very big shoes in a shop, like sizes 15-20!!!

Us at the famous Pike Place fish market where they throw fish, and at the aquarium which Callum loved!

A beautiful sunset over Lake Sammamish and Helen in Starbucks!

John and Cheri who we stayed with and then the team from the church we were visiting in a Chinese restaurant we visited on the last day.


Amanda said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. I am glad Callum enjoyed the Aquarium. It is so amazing to see Daniel see the world in wonderment through new eyes. I am suer you are experiencing the same joy with Callum! I am in Derbyshire next week. Are you around next weeeknd??

Katherine said...

That's a great sunset shot.

Your RSS feed is broken, I don't know what you would do about it though!

Helen said...

Oops thanks! Will have a look at it although I've not a clue either really!