bunting and snow!

This week I managed to complete something I've been trying to get finished for ages - making bunting from one of Ben's old shirts (yeah I know it looked like a horrendous shirt, but it wasn't, I've just picked out the pattern, it wasn't like that all over!) Big thanks to my friend Lorna (via Becky!) for the use of her sewing machine,and to Bek who taught me what to do! It's gonna go up in Callum's room once the birthday season is over in a couple of weeks.

We had snow yesterday morning (all gone now sadly) but Ben took the opportunity to give Callum his first proper snow experience in our garden quite early before breakfast.

getting ready

first steps





Katherine said...

I love the bunting! We saw a place for the wedding on Friday and if we use it I'm going to make some bunting for the garden, thereby guaranteeing it will rain on the day.

Callum looking sweet as ever!

Ooh, set a date - 23/5/09.

Amanda said...

We are all good thanks. They are at a lovely age, aren't they? Although quite tiring...

Are you guys at Greenblet this year? I have persuaded Daniel and Neil to come!