Today I have a cold, am feeling very weary from all our busy-ness and have ordered myself not to work and instead to have an afternoon on the sofa in front of trashy tv. When you work from home it's soo easy just to log in, check the emails and do a few bits and pieces and before you know it you've spent an hour or two working. This does nothing for my rest levels!!!! So I have just checked my emails, I'll admit to that, but I've logged off again and it's only because I'm waiting for one in particular which is holding some stuff up....still waiting, grrr.

I can report this afternoon however that Neighbours looks different on Channel 5, not just cos of the ads, and Flog It comes from Cheltenham this afternoon - ooo, interesting!

Callum is still napping. We took him to church last night for the worship which he really loved. His best friend Sophie was also there and they loved running around making lots of noise and making people giggle. They're a funny pair. Sophie's mummy is cooking us dinner tonight and tomorrow (she's a real gem).

Callum is growing up! He's a real copy cat at the moment so we are trying to teach him lots of words - especially 'Granny' in time for Ben's parents visiting at the weekend. Trouble is he can copy lots of words but has no idea what they mean. Favourite words at the moment are: Duck, Quack (every time he sees water!), star, weeeeee! (especially when putting toys in the bath), wow!, yup, up (a new one for going upstairs), bear (for any soft toy), Stooooooo (for his uncle) and Emma (his aunt). He's also started making brooom noises when pushing his cars or trolley truck around and he's good at copying actions; he's been copying Stu doing a little wink/nod at him which makes him look like he's got a nervous twitch when he's trying to do it. Thanks Stu!

Right, off I trot, Ready Steady Cook is about to come on.

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