so christmas has been a bit wierd. four out of six of us were ill and everything was a bit subdued. my parents got back from my grandad's on friday night. we had planned to go for a meal on thursday night to celebrate my mum's birthday and we all had tickets to the panto on friday night (we took some friends instead). it was good to be able to help my mum out with the christmassy stuff she hadn't done and we all kind of pitched in to help with everything. it was good to spend time together all the same, although this holiday time hasn't been the complete rest i had hoped for.

the funeral is next tuesday which means i'll miss the first day back at work and the beginning of term will be a little rushed, but it does mean that ben can come too which will be good.

on the plus side, i have spent some good time with mum and we've talked about how we're both feeling (not a common occurence!) and I was able to help her plan the service which I think she appreciated.

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