please pray...

i've just heard that my nana (mum's mum) died in the night. She had dementia and was in a home, and so in some respects it's relief, especially for my grandad, for whom it's been really hard work.

i'd really value your prayers for my parents though. my mum is on her own at home right now as my dad works abroad in the week, although he is coming back today because he's got a chest infection and has been ill for a few weeks now. please pray for my mum, that she'd be able to get through to her brothers who both live abroad, that they'd be able to come to the UK quickly and help with everything so that mum isn't doing all the work. please pray for healing for my dad, partly so that he can support mum (she'll be going up to cheshire where they live from surrey - a 5 hour drive and she won't want to drive there on her own so he'll want to - but he needs to be in bed!), but mostly so that he'll be well again.

also please pray for my grandad.

me and emma went to see them at the weekend, first time in ages, so i'm really glad that we got to see her before she died. Even though she didn't know who we were there was definitly a connection with her.

thanks guys.

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