just as i thought

Apparently I came out on top as an extrovert, which is what i thought I was, but 50/50 also makes a lot of sense cos there's lots of times when i just want to escape contact with people, but also be around people i don't have to talk to e.g. i like going to the supermarket cos there's other people around but i don't have to talk to any of them!

You scored as Extroverted. You're one of those people who's always chattering. You can probably be found flitting from place to place, talking to everyone. Everyone knows who you are, no doubt. You're the person most likely sitting in the middle of the classroom, your feet on your desk and a smartass comment on the tip of your tongue.

Way to go, you're the social butterfly introverts wish they could be.





Introverted or extroverted?
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