bored of pink

...well nearly. I've got the day off today due to chronic overworking (have been given the day off as i've been working 1 1/2 jobs recently). was hoping for glorious sunshine again so i could sit in the garden but no. i don't mind though. have been listening to radio 1's comedy coverage of glastonbury. jo whiley couldn't start her show live from glasto as they were having thunderstorms and power cuts! so chris moyles carried on instead.

whilst being glad that i'm inside and dry i've been catching up with people all over and adding new blogs to my links. also you may notice the alphabetisation of all my links (coo!), as well as (not insignificantly) the change of colour shades! was thinking about a total change of template altogether, but then realised it would take me a long time. besides which the bread in the bread machine is almost done - gorgeous smell wafting up the stairs - and i think i'll have a poached egg on toast for lunch. mmmmmm.

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