and the beat goes on...

so i managed to not post anything at all in november!

well, just to update you, we've now moved house - it's wonderful! warm and cosy with wooden floors and double glazing!!! we're loving it. we only got our phone line connected yesterday, but we are on broadband - woohoo - so blogging will resume again for both of us.

christmas is next week, but before that it's tom and naomi's wedding on saturday in kent (tom is ben's brother) which should be lots of fun. we've got emma and stu coming round for tea tonight, went to see the birchenalls last night and met Iona who is gorgeous and haven't written any christmas cards yet!

dylan is loving the christmas tree so much that he'd much rather be part of it rather than just look at it like we do. so our poor tree is looking rather bare at the bottom cos we've had to remove all the lower decorations and put them up higher! he pulled apart a little woollen sheep decoration the other day :(

the house opposite us has a rather bright selection of external decorations, santa, reindeer, green flashing lights, you know the sort. so we have a lovely view out of our bedroom window right now.

work is good. seems to be have been quite busy - my most stressful task has been getting visas for paul and richard to visit mozambique in jan. they've still not arrived so i'm hoping they arrive before next week! i think it's a bit quieter now, hopefully it will stay that way until christmas rather than being v busy as it usually is.

christmas cards - now we've had trouble finding any decent christmas cards this year. we haven't looked very hard but still. the oxfam selection was rubbish, but we had to get some from there anyway otherwise noone would have got one! next year i'm going to get them earlier so i can look around more and find nice ones!

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