new house!!!

after a few months looking and a few months not looking we finally have a new house to move in to! and it's one that isn't damp and cold, doesn't have textured wallpaper everywhere and is in Hillsborough!!

it's crazy, god told us to stop looking in june, so we did. then quite out of the blue i discovered that anna robinson's sister and husband have just bought this house which they've looking to rent out. it's everything we were oringally looking for. it's got a new kitchen and bathroom, has lots of laminate flooring, the rooms are as big if not bigger than our current house (we have lots of furniture - see 'new piano' below!) and has a gorgeous garden including a bit of lawn which ours doesn't at the moment. it's totally a gift - they were even flexible about the price which was fantastic. so we'll move in about a month i reckon - anyone got any spare packing boxes???

looking forward to living in hillsborough, especially as lots of people we know and love are there which will help us fix the problems of isolation we often feel being out in hunters bar.

:) big grin!

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