Cadbury Dairy Milk to go Fairtrade!

Ok, so I am VERY excited and pleased that Cadbury are going Fairtrade for their Dairy Milk bar as, probably like many others, I do try and buy fairtrade chocolate where I can but honestly nothing has ever beaten Dairy Milk for taste - there really is nothing quite like it so I am glad that I shall be able to eat it completley guilt free soon!  

In fact, I wonder if actually I may need to increase my Dairy Milk intake in order to show support to Cadbury and the cocoa farmers.  Hmmmm, I think so.....

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Lea simpson said...


Thanks for your kind words - we are very excited about it as well and we also blog about the whole journey to fairtrade.

Cadbury has a 100 years long history of fair trade and we are delighted to get the certificate very soon


we really look forward to collaborate with anyone who cares about Fairtrade and hoping to generate brilliant conversations with people who care about where their food come from

best wishes