home alone

another sporadic post from me...hey ho!

I am home alone today as Ben flew off to Peru this morning with a bunch of young adults from our church. He'll be gone for 11 days which is the longest we've been apart since being married. I know some people do it quite regularly but today I have found it HARD! I expected to just carry on as usual with the things I had planned, and expected to miss him more as the week goes by, but no! It feels like a huge emotional thing, I think especially as I've been ill for the past month and still not better yet (sinusitis - got drugs now so hopefully on the mend!), and obviously I've got to look after Callum on my own.

I think the thing which really got me was coming downstairs this morning feeling ok about it all and then seeing Ben crying as he was holding Callum. Well that set me off too of course and it feels like I've been hit with a big emotional bulldozer all day. In trying to figure out why I think it's partly the length of time, but also the fact that it's PERU!!! thousands of miles away, having a significant experience out there which we're not doing together (which is really unusual for us).

all is not gloom and doom though as I am off tomorrow to my parents for a couple of days - it's my dad's birthday on Friday so we're going out for the day which should be nice, and then I'm off to help at a kids camp in Dorset which should keep me nicely occupied and I hope the week will fly by!

If you feel like praying for me that'd be grand....and Ben and the team too!

Thanks x


Katherine said...

Aw, have a hug, I find it hard enough being apart for a night. Hope you feel better as well and have fun at your parents.

Emma Andrews said...

I'll be praying! It is never nice being apart, but I pray that during this time you will have the most blessed and wonderful time with you God and with Callum and your wider family! Praying for some "significant " times for both you and Ben! Lots of love, Ems.x