Well now I have done the washing up (well almost) and Callum is still asleep I thought I'd take the opportunity to update you all on recent askew news.

Firstly, Callum has been doing a lot of growing. He now has two bottom teeth, can eat allsorts of things, including baked beans, toast, cherries, mashed potato...in fact most of what we eat will now go in Callum too! It makes life easier in one sense, but harder in another. Easier, cos I can just mash up what we have and give it to him the next day, harder because I have to actually think about what I'm giving him and make sure there's appropriate food in the house! Not always the case.

The main recent development is crawling! He can now get everywhere, albeit slowly, which meant a bit of a re-shuffle of our living room, moving freestanding cd towers into the attic, and removing cables, flashing lights of the wrong kind, ironing boards etc etc! Much fun. Photos and videos are forthcoming! Can't see to be able to get the compter to recognise the camera right now :(

Ben is still working in Rotherham, and will continue that for 4 days a week next year too.

I am doing some work from home of different kinds. I'm working mostly for St Toms, my employer before I had Callum, doing some Communications and IT stuff for them e.g. producing newsletters and literature and helping the staff to use computers better. I'm also customizing a new-ish programme for them called SharePoint, which is something I'm told that lots of companies are wanting to begin using so I hope to be able to get some work doing that too through a friend's IT company. I enjoy it, but I mainly do it as we need the money. It's useful to build up some skills that I'll be able to use wherever I am in the world too.

Oop, boy is up! Gotta go!

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Katherine said...

That's great that you've got some work you can do at home.

We use SharePoint where I work and I did some development work on it last year so if I can help answer any questions do give me a shout (although most of what I did was trying to sort out the mess the IT company made of it in the first place - and still haven't sorted out). I think the newest version is the best as it comes with built-in RSS feed readers and each department can blog etc. We haven't got it, yet, but I hope we do!

Love the crawling video!