Exciting news today - we have a brand new toaster!!! Well that is exciting to me as for quite a few months now ours has been broken and you have to turn the toast so it takes twice as long to get your crumpet nicely browned. The even better thing was that also in the post today arrived an unexpected cheque to pay for said toaster!! Yay :)

Off to see Ben's brother Tom and his wife at Lyme Park near Manchester today so better get cracking. Still not dressed or ready to go even though we've been up since 7.15 and its now 9. Have put some washing on though so I do feel extremly efficient in the housework department.

Enjoy the sunshine today!

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Alice and Andy said...

hello helen...lovely to see you have a blog and thanks for adding me as a friend on facebook - the most addictive website ever!!
you seem to be loving life and motherhood - as am I!! Matilda is 4 months, just and I have gone back to work today which is a bit momentous...but good for both of us I think, not to mention the bank balance!
Will be good to keep in touch! Every blessing, Alice (was Hodson)!