rambling update

Well now, Ben has said I need to post something so here goes.

We've been having fun over the school hols, me especially cos I don't have to do all the Callum stuff - in fact Ben's been letting me sleep in a bit and doing breakfast duty which has been fab. We've done lots of fun stuff together, including....

** Faithless live at Sheffield Arena. Absolutely flipping AMAZING!!!!! Huge sound, presence, visuals and lights. Best gig I've ever been to I think, certainly for wow factor.

** Day out at Clumber Park, near Worksop...really gorgeous huge park/lake and so hot. Forgot to take Callum's hat with us as I wasn't expecting it to be so warm so he was plastered in sun cream. He seemed to have a lot of fun in the backpack for the first time too, as you can see! He's becoming quite a flirt with the camera. At first it was really had to get him to smile for it, but now you point it at him and he's grinning away. Consequently we have HUNDREDS of pictures of him!!!! Snap happy me.

** Holy Week and Easter services at church. Pete James had constructed this huge stone looking tomb. It was pretty awesome, but did make the stage look a little like the set for a musical. Tres impressive however, and worked well being opened, closed then opened again at the appropriate times.

** Callum's got his first 2 teeth!!! No pics of them though...Makes me slightly reluctant to let him chew my fingers now as it can be pretty painful! Think we'll stick to toys and bangles from now on. He's coped with it well, but is off his savoury food which friends say is common.

** Ben's parents have visited us this week and we've spent time in the city centre, at Yorkshire Sculpture Park (no photos - got deleted by mistake!) and Manchester for Ben's godmother's 80th birthday party. Nice to have time by ourselves again today and tomorrow.

** And not forgetting Callum's baptism on Palm Sunday. We got him fully immersed which was a whole lot of fun and he seemed to enjoy it too. Brilliant time with family and godparents afterwards. We had lunch at ours and I got eveyone to bring/make something to eat so it felt like a real team effort (plus I didn't have to do it all!) which is how we do family/community so it really felt like our kind of family celebration which was cool. It's fun working out our own family traditions and ways of doing things.

** Also...getting addicted to facebook, enjoying eating chocolate again, getting ready for the impending safety audit that must happen of our house as C is kind of on the move and wishing I had more time to sort out our garden.

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