friends and family

We've been visiting and being visited by lots of different friends and family since Callum was born.

In chronological order...

Aunty Emma and Uncle Stu in the hospital when Callum was 1 day old

Grandad and Granny Askew in the hospital when Cal was 2 days old

Grandpa and Granny Mathieson in Sheffield at 6 days

Uncle Tom and Aunty Naomi in Sheffield at 1 week

Great Grandpa Fred with Granny Mathieson, and Great Great Aunt Edna in Widnes at 3 weeks

Great Grandpa David in Ilkley 2 weeks ago...(no trip there is complete without a visit to Betty's)

Mummy's very good friend from home, Sophie who visited yesterday and today!

Tomorrow sees another rendevous with Uncle Tom and Aunty Naomi at Chatsworth. Looking forward to going round the maze and maybe the farmyard, and enjoying all the Christmassy wonderland there!

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