links for a thursday

got our new laptop now which is very sparkly and lovely and means i can get online during the day now which is fab. highlights from this week include being able to email my sister at work, chatting on gmail to my friend sophie who is teaching english in sri lanka, ordering a wireless router from ebuyer, taking part in some research about women in church leadership and creating a little video of callum (not ready yet, will post when done!)

Other interesting things I have come across include:

Spiderman 3 trailer - this looks great, can't wait to see it.

Uncle Francis' pictures of Callum - Ben's brother who visited last weekend

Csiro wearable instrument shirt - play the air guitar and get ACTUAL SOUNDS!!!! Genius! via Hippy Shopper.

Doing December Differently - a new book from the Iona Community. This looks great and we have ordered our copy. No doubt Ben will tell you all about it when it arrives. Via Jonny Baker

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