progress report

Well we've been home since Tuesday and have been having lots of fun working out this whole parenting thing. Sometimes it's been really hard, but it's getting easier. We had our first major breakthrough yesterday/last night when Callum decided he would sleep on his own in his crib. Up until now he wouldn't sleep except when attached to one of us, which as you can imagine made getting any/much sleep difficult! We'd worked out this whole tag team thing on Thursday night, taking it in turns to be awake with him and sleeping, which worked better, but last night he slept for 2/3 hours at a time in his crib without needing either of us to be awake to cuddle - which meant we both got a few hours sleep each (Ben more than me as he doesn't have to wake up to feed him! To his credit he has been sorting out lots of pooey nappies for which I'm very grateful.)

Things seem to be getting easier, a couple of days ago I was feeling completley out of my depth and useless but we seem to be getting the hang of the basics like feeding which gives me more confidence. We also took our first trip out yesterday for a stroll in the park which was really nice. I needed the fresh air and exercise and the buggy needed a test drive! It was great to get out. Ben has put up some photos on his blog.

We're on a fattening up regime over the weekend as he's lost a bit more weight than he's supposed to so I'm feeling a lot like a dairy cow right now but as long as he's put on some weight by Monday I don't mind. He's also got a touch of jaundice but that should disappear soon hopefully.

Another upside is I've been enjoying eating some of the things that I haven't been able to since Christmas - especially BRIE!!!! Looking forward to re-acquainting myself with other banned foods like stilton, prawn sandwhiches and cured meats like proscuitto ham - yum yum.

Just waiting for the arrival of my parents now who are coming up to meet Cal for the first time. Ben's parents visited on Tuesday.

Finally, before I leave you with a picture of my beautiful boy I just wanted to say a massive thanks to all of you who have left comments, emailed, texted, sent cards and pressies, cooked for us or offered to, gone to the shops etc etc.....we feel so amazingly blessed to be part of the community we are, both locally and globally, you all rock!

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