still in one piece

...although I'm wishing I was in 2! Due date is on Friday and a bit of a false alarm last week means I'm getting a bit impatient now. It's not that I'm really uncomfortable (although walking any distance is slow - the sofa/kitchen/bed loop is just fine right now), but I'm just a little impatient to meet our baby and get going on the adventure.

I've been trying to do lots of things to keep myself occupied, like reading, making biscuits, cleaning the fridge, ordering things from Mothercare etc etc, and Ben has been wonderful too - he is currently putting up 2 new shelves in our kitchen which I've been wanting for ages (pictures of his handiwork below). Actually it's been rather nice having lots of space and time to do very little - I just hope I don't have another 3 weeks of it!!!!

I've also learnt some stuff about myself which has been good too. Like even I need some discipline and structure to my day (I'm not very good at discipline generally and like to be a bit more go-with-the-flow). I've realised that staying in bed all morning actually doesn't make me feel good, even if I'm reading. I need to get up and get dressed and have that little bit of routine to make me engage with the day. This is also good if the postman or a man who wants to change your gas meter bangs on the door - pjs and bed hair don't make for a good look, especially when you're the size of a small hippo. My lunchtime routine goes as follows: 1.30pm get lunch in time for 1.40pm showing of Neighbours (and hasn't it been exciting recently!), then Doctors of course but usually resisting Diagnosis murder, prefering instead the washing up or some other exciting household task.

I've also discovered that I can actually amuse myself all day (which I thought I couldn't), but maybe that's in part due to lower energy levels...anyway there'll be lots to keep me amused soon so that certainly won't be a problem!

On another note, Dylan seems to have decided that he likes us again and has started making an appearance every day, rather than once a week, even being very friendly again. I think he's just coming out of his little rebellious teenage cat phase, although Ben reckons it's cos the weather has cooled down a bit now. Whatever, it's nice to have a cat again.

lovely shelves

lovely shelves and bob the builder

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