nearly at the end

i've been training up my replacement this week at work. well, for 2 days of it. the orginal plan was that he'd be here for 2 weeks at least getting to know stuff as he's new to Sheffield, the church and everything so 2 weeks would give him a really good time to get to know how stuff runs. somehow that got narrowed down to 2 days so i've spent those 2 days basically about my job and explaining everything i'm doing - this is very tiring! but he's a good guy and should figure it all out ok. my last day is next friday which i'm looking forward to, although it'll be wierd to leave after 4 1/2 years (almost as long as I've been married!)

my wonderful ben has been doing the transformation of study to nursery this week. it's looking really great; we just have to put together the flatpack tomorrow and move all the baby stuff we've accumulated around the house into it. we've been given 3 bags of clothes by different people, and sorting through it all this week realised that we've got pretty much everything we need which is fantastic. a trip into mothercare and boots in the city centre today means that we've almost got all the essentials now i think (like nappies, sheets etc). it's feeling more and more imminent! can't wait;)

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