pregnant brain drains any creative thought

well, 2 months since i last posted and i can tell you that baby A is much bigger now than in the scan piccy below! Must be it's father's kid too cos it sometimes feels like it's dancing like a crazy thing in my belly! am coming up to 29 weeks now and can't wait to hit the 30 mark and start counting down instead of up.

suddenly realised a couple of weeks ago that we need to do some sort of preparation for the little tike. like, clearing out the study of what seems like 100s of books and cds, redecorating in baby-friendly colours and buying baby stuff like pushchairs and the like. Still, i keep telling myself that's what Ben's 6 weeks off work is for!!!!!!!

no recent pictures of me with a bump yet (for those that have requested/are interested); the lack of digital camera in our household makes this slightly more complicated than you might think....however did we cope in the pre-digital age??

anyway, things are going well pregnancy-wise, only 7-and-a-bit weeks left at work (yippee!) and 2 of those are going to be spent away at New Wine North and time with family. Nice.

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