the truman show

As I've been walking to work recently I've begun to notice the same patterns repeating themselves. Most annoyingly, I am always about 5 minutes late. I think the fault lies with me thinking it takes 5 minutes less time to get there than it actually does, but leaving 5 mins earlier seems like such a big deal!

More oddly I am seeing the same people on my journey at pretty much the same places along the road every day which is starting to make me think maybe I'm in the Truman show.

There's the guy in his 30s who looks like a doctor who I always see walking in the opposite direction to me round about near the pork shop at the bottom of my road, although sometimes he's only at the shops in hillsborough. I often see him on my way back as well in the same place. Bizarrely, today, when I finished at 1pm instead of the normal 5pm I saw him in the same place again on my way back! I see him most often and we never look at each other. I wonder if he's noticed me like I've noticed him?

Then there's the little girl who has long straight hair down to her bum who's walking to school with her mum, usually on the stretch between Hills Park and Leppings Lane tram stops.

Somtimes there's a mum on the tram (if I'm feeling too lazy) with a pushchair and a 3/4 year old who gets on and off at the same stops as me.

Every Monday morning the woman in the prize-winning sausage shop is cleaning the window.

I often see my friend Sarah at Hillsborough tram stop on my way through.

Just like clockwork there's a jaguar just like my dad's which turns into a road I have to cross about the time I get to it.


I wonder how many people notice me and think the same thing?

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