supermarket elite

we did our pretty much annual trip to Waitrose yesterday. There's a very good reason we don't go there that often - there are far too many tasty looking things and it's all too easy to spend lots and lots of money.

Yesterday was quite a dangerous experience too. Because of the aforementioned tasty goods for sale most people wander down the aisles oogling the shelves instead of keeping their eyes on the 'road', making it all too easy to crash into someone else's trolley. It's a bit like the supermarket equivalent to a motorway car crash. We managed to escape serious harm though and made it to the car park only to conclude that really they should make Waitrose car parks a little bit bigger than the average one, just to accommodate all the 4x4s and SUVs.

Does it make me sad that I woke up with a little grin on my face cos I knew we were going there yesterday?

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