well we're back from barcelona which was fun. lots to see and do and nice warm weather. we're off to greenbelt this weekend which should also be great but i'll be glad to get back home after then and stay at home for a while. whilst it's been good to get away it does feel like i haven't been properly at home for a while so it'll be nice to put away the bags when we get back!

emma and stu will hopefully complete on their house next week, but it'll be sad to see them go. it's been a lot of fun having them live with us, including regular sessions of the first series of 24, ebay bidding and bread making (i'm gonna miss their bread machine!) it's really made me aware of the benefits of community living and i'd really love to do it again sometime soon. right now though we're trying to decide whether to stay in our rented house or try and buy again. just can't decide - can't really be bothered with the moving all over again, but buying may give us some benefits we don't have now!

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