oven trouble

oops, have neglected the ol' blog. ah well. i've been ultra busy. before easter it felt like i was slowly sinking in a pile of work, then we had a great week off, part of which was spent in the lake district, then back to work the past couple of weeks. as much as i love cruising the webwaves, it just doesn't seem very appealing when you get home and the last thing you want to do is look at a computer screen any more that day cos your eyes and brain are tired from staring at one for 8 hours already. still, i have a new computer at work. a lovely nice one with XP and a massive flat LCD screen!!!!! wahey!!! it's brill. one of the perks of being someone who stares at a screen for 8 hours every day is that lovely IT managers take pity on you and decide that you are a worthy recipient for the limited number of new computers. THANKS JONO!

now, the oven trouble is worrying. ben stuck a tart thing in the oven this evening at the right temperature and it came out burnt and black all over! dinner was only saved because we only ate the filling of the tart which remained uncharred for the mostpart. i'm not sure how easy it is to fix thermostats on cookers or if it will mean we will need a new cooker altogether. hmmm. we'll see.

well, dylan is back after having been missing Mon - Fri last week. I think he just wanders off and gets himself lost so I was praying that God would just pick him up and transport him back to our house, like Philip in the Bible, and on Friday morning there Dylan was, just sitting on the fence waiting for us to get up. Of course I'll never know how he got back but I would like to think that there was a little transportation miracle involved (beam me up scotty). It certainly would have been funny to see if that did happen!!

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