Went to see Spiderman 2 last night with Dan and Jude.  I thought it was good, not great, as a film - I think I preferred the first one, but I thought the big storyline was fantastic - as Richard E put it this morning - Peter Parker hits D2!!!

I loved the idea of Spiderman wrestling with his calling, the ideas of sacrificing his ideals, idols and dreams to take up the 'higher' thing.  I totally identified with him in that (not that I'm a superhero!), just that sometimes i think why do i have to be so 'good' all the time, why do I always have to think of others, why can't i just live my life the way i want and do the things i really want to do and have?  It's not a thought that dominates me, but I think we all go through it (maybe especially leaders?), and in the end it all comes down to realising, again, that God is good, he wants the best for us and so following his ways and chasing his dreams will ultimately bring more satisfaction than if i tried to work out my life myself.  I guess it's the process of going to the cross daily and walking along the 'narrow path'.

The other image I loved in the film was the thing that got Spidey really back on his feet (or web) - his one true love. That without the one he was meant to be with he lost his way, he had no passion to be the real him. It was only when his true love was put in danger that he kicked into action, and love drove him to become again what his 'destiny' was.  Much like the love Jesus has for us which (should) drives everything we do and gives us the grace and energy to become everything he wants for us.

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