tt is over

well, we've just come back from the last tt weekend of the year - silence and fasting on saturday and review and commissioning on sunday. it was good - great to hear the stories of what God has done over the year and to hear peoples plans for the future.

still deciding on whether i want to be a huddle leader again. it was a good experience, but it felt quite hard a lot of the time and i'm not sure why. i think maybe it was becuase i'm an apostle and there wasn't really anything apostle-y in the year for me to get stuck into, or nothing i saw anyway. maybe it would be different next year. also, one of the hardest things i found was actually caring and loving people at such an intensity, i.e. looking out for at least 5 other people for 2 days a week every week, and in between too! i definitly discovered some of my weaker facets!

future is one of the big things i'm thinking about right now, and i'm sure it'll all become clear when i stop trying to work it out and let God just tell me.

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