rome thoughts

another big thing i'm processing right now is all about the stuff we saw/did in rome....still a garbled mess in me right now, but 2 main things that seem to be bubbling to the surface are:
1) mission as a lifestyle. marco and luca just work 6/7 months of the year, and spend the rest of the time doing what God has called them to in Rome. it's a way of doing things that has almost completely the opposite priorities to me right now. i mean my main priority is the job and the income, and then if i've got time/inclination i might do some sort of mission after that and all the other things i get up to. i'm not saying one is better than the other, just that it really made me think. also, as i'm part of the mission order i reckon i should be heading in the direction of those guys rather than further away from it.
2) the poor. marco visits this refugee camp every week and takes food and clothes to them. my recent thoughts are that looking after the poor should be something that every christian does. marco doesn't do it cos it's his 'mission focus' (something i think we can occasionlly get a bit too caught up on in st toms), but he does it because God told him to and i reckon it should be part of the manifesto of every Christian; not necessarily devoting all your time to it, but at least feeding the beggar on the street, and maybe, if we get really brave, offering them a night in our house, or a warm jumper we own.

both things i am thinking about, haven't got as far as doing anything about really yet!

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