a new kind of small group

well we had the second meeting of our new small group. there are 5 of us so far and it's great. Last night we all brough various kinds of tapas food and ate together like family. Then we all shared one thing that God had done or spoken, or something we met God in during the previous week. There was such varied stuff - a funny poem, a prophetic picture, an experience of God's peace, a music video and an old cutlery sharpening wheel place.

it was great - so easy and yet so meaningful and powerful in different ways. it was great to find out more about each other by hearing what makes them tick. we plan to do the same in the future - just asking people to bring something with them to share each week and then listening, talking, praying about it with each other.

next week we're going to abbeydale industrial hamlet to sit on the dam and eat fish and chips and meet God there. really looking forward to it.

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