doesn't time fly?

Hi everyone.
i just realised i haven't posted in a month - shocking! well, lots has happened in that month. i have a new haircut and a new pair of sunglasses which i'm currently wearing despite being inside and it being dark outside. i just like new things!

have just come back from a week away with family. first to mine which was great. my mum took me shopping into guildford to buy me an outfit for the wedding i went to on saturday and she bought me loads! thanks God for providing yet again. the wedding was of a really good old friend from back home. it was just lovely and they had a disco in t'evening and boy did we dance! loads of fun. i think they're somewhere in the med right now. nice - congratulations paul and rachel. then to ben's family where we got given an awful lot of chocolate. good time there too.

so first day back at work today - it was soooo quiet - it was like that holiday advert 'where is everybody?' but good to be able to catch up on stuff.

one of the reasons i haven't blogged in a while is that last time i was on i was trying to change stuff on my template and put pictures in and for no apparent reason it deleted loads of the template from my links down. so i haven't had a chance to retype it all yet, and haven't dared to post in case it wipes it all off. so we'll see. if it's looking a little funny down there that's the reason and i'll get to fixing it soon.

we flew kites yesterday before coming home to sheffield. ben's brothers both have one. boy do my arms and shoulders ache now! you need a lot of strength to control them. we're going to go to the peaks and fly ben's smaller, less powerful but still fun kite on saturday or sunday hopefully.

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