god is good

well, although i've been rather silent of late, god has not. we've really been trying to get a breakthrough in our money situation - debt to pay off and we want to buy a house. In the last 2 weeks we've really begun to see god's provision for us in lots of little, and big, ways. For instance, we realised that we didn't have as much money as we thought we did becuase we pay council tax in feb and mar cos we had to be recalcuated halfway through the year. so that was an extra £87 that we had to pay out - except last month they only took £20 even though our statement said we owed £87!!! hooray!

then someone offered to buy me a pair of trainers which is excellent cos mine are a year old and getting rather worn, which hopefully i'll get tomorrow - thank you!

then last tuesday we received - wait for it - £13,000!!!!!! We were expecting £12,000 of it cos ben inherited it, but we were also given an extra £1000 which we weren't expecting - PRAISE GOD!!!! So now we are debt free, at long last and have money for a house deposit. Then on Saturday we went to pick up the car which had been in the garage becuase it was making a funny noise, and when we got there the man said "that's £134 please" to which i replied,er, isn't it covered under the warranty? turned out that they've done a full service on the car which we didn't ask for, and they gave it to us free cos it was their mistake!!! come on!

so i'm pretty excited about what's yet to come. Paul Mac was saying that in order to get a breakthrough then really all we need to do is obey what God is asking us to do, even if it sounds scary or crazy. and we definetly found that god honours that, even if he's asking you to do something that's totally unrelated to the area you're trying to get a breakthrough in.

i don't want this to sound all look at us aren't we holy, but rather to praise god and say thanks to him. i've often been in the place where i've heard people give testimony about provision or whatever and thought, well that'll never happen to me, but what i've discovered is that god has no favourites in the Kingdom and he blesses all his kids. that said, we did have a really hairy couple of months when it was really touch and go with whether we had enough money to pay the rent etc, but we really feel we've got a breakthrough now. yeah yeah yeah!!!

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