urban adventure

having a couple of days holiday as Ben is on 1/2 term - i LOVE 1/2 term! you really forget how good it is when you become a student. anyways we wandered into the city centre today and tried to go to the Site Gallery (closed on Mondays) and Blocspace (couldn't find it!), but ended up at Millenium Galleries which has a really really fantastic exhibition on. spent ages in there - all sorts of things to do with sound, including a 40-part motet recorded as single voices then each voice played through one speaker - incredible experience. you could stand in the middle and get the whole thing equally from every side, or wander round and get more of a performers view of things. The piece of music was amazing in itself (Thomas Tallis, elizabethan chap) but to hear it from such a differnet perspective was vv cool. could get lost in there for hours.

there was also a very cool glass exhibition, all based on bombay sapphire's blue bottle - we even picked up vouchers for a free gin and something at Ha!Ha! very nice.

then sat in winter gardens having lunch ehich is always lovely.

i am very much an urban person, i just love the atmosphere of cities and being in them. Ben is much more a rural person so tomorrow we may go to the Peaks to enjoy some 'natural' art.

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