new kind of christian

been reading this FANTASTIC book. brian mclaren is my idea of a theologian! He tells it in story with no long words and it all makes sense to me.

have been really really challenged, excited and confused about postmodernism and christianity. for the first time i really understand what postmodernism is. always thought it was just a fancy idea anda bit pretentious but now i really get why it's so important to understand. BUY THIS BOOK PEOPLE!!! have just ordered the sequel too. should be here tomorrow, yippee!

so been thinking a lot about what my faith and my god might look like in the future - lots and lots to process in time, but for now i think the 2 main things i am going with are
1) it's all about a story, God's story and our part in it
2) there will be a need for 3 things that our church/faith will need - Spirituality, Community, Mission. (Up, In, Out has even made it to the realm of postmodern thinking!)

that's where i'm going to continue this journey of mine from. what do these things look like and how do they participate in the greatest story of history.

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